Urban Calligraphy has redefined the boundaries of the global calligraphy movement, through a single-minded dedication to free artistic expression and inspiration.
The series of calligraphy brushes you will have in your hand, designed for hard surfaces, embody the combination of superior skill and craftmanship required to turn that artistic vision into reality. Simon Silaidis, the creator of the Urban Calligraphy movement, has been instrumental in articulating a brand new calligraphy experience,
not restricted by traditional working media but rather open and expansive to varied influences.

A true visionary, Simon's committment is reminiscent of a harmonious marriage of form, emotional genius and hard work.
His murals adorn urban landscapes across Europe; his particular brand of expression finds an unlikely gateway in the interface between natural environment
and urban dereliction - and it is that interface that allows the emergence of a truly unique artistic voice.